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Women's Health Specialist

Aruna Koney, MD -  - Internist

Aruna Koney, MD

Internist located in Dallas, TX

Board-certified internal medicine physician, Aruna Koney, MD, believes in the importance of preventive care. To address the unique health needs of adult women, Dr. Koney offers comprehensive women’s health services at her Dallas, Texas, office. In addition to managing your primary health care needs, Dr. Koney provides routine pelvic exams, in-office Pap smears, and screenings for sexually transmitted infections. If you need a compassionate physician to help you manage your health as a woman, call to schedule a women’s health evaluation today or request a consultation online now.

Women's Health Q & A

What women’s health services are available?

As an experienced internal medicine physician, Dr. Koney offers female-focused examinations and health services that address the reproductive and overall health needs of adult women. These services include:

  • Pap smears
  • Annual pelvic exams
  • Menopause treatments
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings

As part of your routine women’s health visit, Dr. Koney reviews your personal and family medical history. She also takes the time to listen to any new symptoms or concerns you have about your mental, sexual, and reproductive health.

Dr. Koney also offers manual breast exams to identify lumps or other abnormalities and provides referrals for additional preventive care, including annual mammograms.

If you have symptoms that relate to menopause, such as vaginal irritation or experience pain during sex, Dr. Koney can help. As a specialist certified by the National Menopause Society, she can address disruptive menopause-related health issues through treatments like hormone replacement therapy.

Why do I need a pelvic exam?

A pelvic exam is a routine screening that can identify problems with your reproductive health, as well as risk factors for or existing cervical cancer. You should schedule annual pelvic exams as part of your preventive health plan, so Dr. Koney can accurately track changes in your reproductive health from one year to the next.

During your exam, she assesses your overall vaginal health and manually examines your reproductive organs to identify abnormalities, like inflammation, that can indicate an infection or other health complications.

You can also undergo testing for STIs, like gonorrhea or syphilis. These conditions require treatment to prevent additional health issues, like infertility, and to stop the spread of the infection to others.

As part of your routine pelvic exam, Dr. Koney can take a painless swab of cells at the opening of your cervix to evaluate the sample for cancer. This test, known as a Pap smear, can also identify cellular changes that indicate an increased risk for cervical cancer.

What if my Pap smear results are abnormal?

If your Pap smear test results come back showing abnormalities, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer. There are several reasons why your Pap smear results may be abnormal, such as recent sexual activity or a urinary tract infection.

If you have an abnormal Pap smear, Dr. Koney may retest you. She may also order a urine test to identify an existing infection. If the same Pap results occur, she can refer you to a specialist for further cancer testing.

If it’s more than a year since your last women’s health exam or you have troubling symptoms, set up an appointment today with Aruna Koney, MD, using the online booking feature or by calling the office. 

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