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Primary Care Specialist

Aruna Koney, MD -  - Internist

Aruna Koney, MD

Internist located in Dallas, TX

As an experienced internal medicine specialist, Aruna Koney, MD, provides comprehensive primary care services at her office in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Koney enjoys establishing a solid foundation for your health care needs and focuses on building a long-term relationship with you to support optimal health and wellness. She takes a proactive and holistic approach to health care, treating you as a whole person rather than just a list of symptoms. If you need a primary care physician to address your health needs, call the office today or request a consultation online now.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

When serving as your primary care provider, Dr. Koney works closely with you to address both acute illnesses and chronic diseases. She takes a holistic approach to health care that incorporates conventional medicine to treat existing issues and prevent long-term health complications. Annual physicals and preventive health visits are vital in that process.

As part of her primary care services, Dr. Koney provides diagnostic testing and customized treatment plans for a variety of acute illnesses. She is also skilled in the long-term management of chronic diseases and disorders.

Additionally, Dr. Koney provides sports physicals.

Dr. Koney also makes herself available outside of regular hours to address urgent care situations, like injuries and infections. 

Why do I need a primary care physician?

Working with a primary care physician gives you the benefit of having a qualified medical professional who understands your medical history and existing health when you have new symptoms or questions about your health.

Dr. Koney works closely with you to maximize your health through preventive care services, which includes vaccinations. 

If you have a chronic disease or disorder, Dr. Koney establishes a long-term treatment plan that ensures your condition is well-controlled and that you have the resources you need to maintain good physical, mental, and emotional health. 

How often do I need to see a primary care physician?

Ideally, you should schedule a primary care visit once a year. This visit allows Dr. Koney to perform a physical that assesses your overall health. During your annual physical, she can track any changes in your health since your last visit. 

If you have an existing health condition, like diabetes or high blood pressure, you may need to schedule more frequent follow-up visits. During these appointments, Dr. Koney evaluates the effectiveness of your treatment and ensures any medications you’re taking aren’t negatively affecting your health. 

You can also visit with Dr. Koney on an urgent care basis or for a sick visit if you have the flu, are injured in a fall, or have symptoms of an infection. 

If you need a reliable primary care physician, learn more about the services Aruna Koney, MD, offers by calling the office or by requesting an appointment online now. 

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